Santiago Gozálbez

Santi G.

He was born in Beniarrès (Alacant, Spain) in 1980. He began his studies when he was 7 in the Music Conservatory in Alcoi, whose young orchestra he was soloist trompet in. Early he stood out with the trumpet. He has made a lot of courses in Riba-roja de Túria, Tortosa, Murcia, Montserrat, Cullera or Cocentaina.

His first and main trumpet master is Mr. Alfonso Faus. He has guided Santiago’s trumpet evolution. He has had more teachers: Vicente Campos, José Ortiz, Eric Aubier or Rubén Marqués.

He travels frequently to Perpignan in order to receive classes of its conservatory teacher Maurice Benterfa. In March 1998, Gozálbez passed the convocatory of the Comunitat Valenciana’ Jove Orquestra and was later convoked to a concert tour.

During 1999, he continued as one of its permanent member. In July 1999, as a guest member of “La Artística de Buñol” band and directed by Henry Adams, he did a concert tour throught Europe (France, Luxemburg, Holland, Germany, Belgium…) .

Santiago Gozálbez passed in December 1999 the oppositions for the fliscorno-trumpet post in the Municipal Band in Barcelona. He is actually trumpet soloist. Besides to this, he has also played as a fliscorno soloist.

In September 2001, Gozálbez won the first award (High Degree category) in the trumpet internacional competition in Sant Vicent del Raspeig (Alacant).