The history of Barna Brass Quintet dates from 1975, when a Barcelona Municipal Band (BMB) brass group decided to complement their professional work with a more cameral field. Albert Garcia (euphonium), Francesc Brunet (trumpet), Amadeu Puntí (euphonium) and Agustí Gimeno (Tuba) created “Cuarteto de Metal” and began a concert tour for the municipal schools in Barcelona; Joan Guinjoan was their director.

Joan Guinjoan with «Cuarteto de Metal»

A lot of changes has been produced. The number has changed and also the professionals which integrate Barna Brass Quintent. The only thing which has not been modifie has ben the fact of being members of the BMB.

In 1978 Manolo Montesinos (horn) joined Barna Brass Quintet, turning the group into a quintet called “Aureum”. They gave some concerts trought Catalunya in which a new sound was spread to a public which was not used to hear only brass instruments.

“Metropolità” was born in 1992, with the inquietude to amplify new sensations. It was a brass quintet with percussion (Rafael Reig Roca). Francisco Villaescusa (trumpet) and Francesc S. Orteu (euphonium) were its new members. Series such as Serenates d’estiu al Turó Parc was an exemple of its success.

The last step was given un 2004. That “Cuarteto de Metal” in 1975 turned into “Barna Brass Quintet”. Manolo Montesinos, Alberto García continued as a members. Rafael Reig plays oftenly.

Albert Amargós with Barna Brass Quintet.

Year after year Barna Brass Quintet is invited to give the entry to one of the most ancient acts of the city of Barcelona, “Jocs Florals”. In the year 2009 in the Saló of Cent there was celebrated the anniversary of 150 years of “Jocs Florals” by a new version of the Anthem of Joan I and interpreted by Barna Brass Quintet at the expense of the composer Joan Albert Amargós.

Barna Brass Quintet’ concept tries to promote and to spread camera music throught Barcalona and Catalunya, meaning to extend its success to a national, international musical field.