Barna Brass Quintet


This group of chamber is integrated by five teachers of the Municipal Band of Barcelona. His aim is to promote the music for metal quintet and to announce his wide possibilities. Photo of May Zircus. The great variety of styles is one of the characteristics of his compositions, since they can be listened from classic topics up to the contemporary music of the 20th century. Barna Brass Quintet claims that the spectator travels in the time with the help of the sonorous wealth of the metal of a striking form and that it experiences the sensations produced by the vibrations of these instruments. In short the whole potential of the wind instruments metal in a concert simfònico that it is crossing diverse epochs and musical styles. A concert with great variety of shades in which we will be able to listen des to topics of the classic music up to traditional and popular sounds. A well-considered concert a public of all the ages. +info.