OFFER 1 (alone quintet)

We show all the potential of metal wind instruments in a symphonic concert while coursing through several periods and musical styles. It is a concert with a great variety of nuances. It will offer a great variety of music, from traditional and popular sounds to classical music, film soundtracks or avant-garde music of the 20th century for metal. insruments. It is a concert aimed towards an extense range of public of all  ages, for families as well as for demanding enthusiasts of classical music.

OFFER 2 (quintet and percussion)Imatge capturada al concert del Centre Cultural de Cardedeu

We can add percussion in order to remark timbres and new sound effects and to discover a new family  (of instruments) inside the orchestra. We use instruments of determinate as well as indeterminate polishing percussion (timpanis, drummer, etc). This fusion of wind metal-percussion promotes the sonority and  helps us with the themes through rhythms like dixieland, blues, ragtime, pop etc. Image of the Centre Cultural of Cardedeu

OFFER 3 (quintet and choir)
The third variation is a quintet accompanied by a choir. Works like “Cantus natalis” of Z. Randall Stroope and “Canite Tuba” of Donald McCullough will impregnate us with a festive, cheerful, triumphant, joyous air. These concerts offer the possibility to enjoy the sound that emanates of the sum of voices (both human and instrumental), as well as the sonority of the single human voice, in a choral, and of that of the other instruments, without voice.
 Image of the Catedral de Sant Esperit in Terrassa
OFFER 4 (public acts)
Thanks to our mobility and  our varied repertoire (in époques and styles), we can entertain any social, work or ludic event: conventions, receptions, presentations, meetings. Barna Brass Quintet has participated in events like the Jocs Florals Awards (poetry) in Barcelona, where they interpreted the music required by  protocol.
Image of the Saló de Cent de Barcelona