Barna Brass Quintet
It offers an educational service with different didactic auditions shipping all the ages, since “Fantasy of the Metal” for the childish level until “Voyage through the Metal” for secondary and batxillerat. This educational project is born of the need to know and *difondre the instruments of wind-metal and listen them live. The different didactic auditions have been designed by a pedagogical team format for teachers of all the levels, taking into account the aims of each school stage. Year after year we want to you facilitate the task to enjoy our musician live and for this reason displace us to your school to adapt to any classroom, gymnasium or room of acts.

Course 2013/14: Our auditions  (Triptych)

To continuation detail you our destined auditions to all the cycles of education.
In the case that do not take place to your school have of an auditorium where can come to listen our shows.
- It decorates even more your classroom with a classic group as the metal quintet, also you have a card in order that your pupils it could be employed at the class. Disburden the poster and the card